Lashes Glue Description

Our lashes glue is the bestie  your loving lashes have been waiting for!

Latex Free

Our lashes glue is additive-free, so it's perfectly made for contact wearers and latex sensitive individuals.

Safest formula

The ingredients of our lashes glue are Acrylates and Water only, it's safe enough for eye skin.

All-Day hold

Testing people were wearing for over 48 hours, and lashes are still held steadly.


Say goodbye to watery eyes and the edges of your lashes lifting with our water-resistant lashes glue.

Packaging Options

There are different glue tubes, you could choose the one you like.

Want Custom Packaging?

You may wanted custom packaging or private label for your own brand, just talk to our sales agent, logo could be printed on glue tube, and outer box design could be totally customized.

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